At SING, you’ll find a number of pathways to help you find your voice and learn to sing.

You can take private lessons, sing as part of a choir, participate in workshops or choose a combination of approaches. It’s up to you!

Singing Lessons

If you’ve ever dreamed of learning to sing in a safe, supportive and fun environment, you’re in the right place. With tailored lessons to help you find and develop your own unique voice, you’ll receive the support and coaching you need at SING in Brisbane. Learn more here.

“Musica” Choir

Science is revealing the benefits of group singing – and there are plenty of them. But you don’t need science to know that singing with Musica is a great way to find your voice and have fun at the same time. Click to learn more about singing with our Brisbane women’s choir.

Workshops & More

SING studio regularly hosts singing workshops to help you find your voice – and you’re invited! We also facilitate other pathways for becoming involved in the Brisbane music community. Click here to learn more about these different opportunities.