Singing Lessons

If you’ve ever dreamed of learning to sing in a safe, supportive and fun environment, you’re in the right place. With tailored lessons to help you find and develop your own unique voice, you’ll receive the support and coaching you need at SING in Brisbane.

Anyone can learn to sing – and that includes you.

At SING, you’ll find a safe, supportive and fun environment where you can learn, explore and grow under the guidance of experienced vocal coach Melissa Gill.

Whether you want to find your voice, improve your singing or conquer your nerves, Melissa can help.

Tailored Lessons

At SING, your Brisbane singing lessons are tailored to you: you sing and learn what you want. Whether that means singing pop, classical, or music theatre for fun, exams, auditions or performances, Melissa will help as your teacher, coach and cheerleader.

Finding Your Voice

By exploring and experimenting under Melissa’s guidance, you’ll be supported to find and embrace your own unique voice. You’ll also learn simple, effective techniques to improve your singing, fine-tune your performances, and use your voice to greatest effect.

Coaching You

Of course, singing isn’t just about your voice’s mechanics. That’s why Melissa will also coach your brain and heart to help you believe and achieve, conquering any personal blocks and building your confidence as a singer and performer.


You’re a student and a singer, so Melissa gives you the unique (and optional) opportunity to sing at your own personal concerts in the SING performance space. That way, you can more easily enjoy the many benefits of performance experiences.

Take the Next Step

If you’ve ever dreamt of learning to sing, you’ve already taken a big step by searching online for Brisbane singing lessons.

Now we invite you to take the next step and book a Brisbane singing lesson at SING.

Whether you’ve never sung a note or you’ve been performing for years, Melissa can help you take your singing to the next level.

Book online now or call SING today on 0411 034 888.