Discover what students and choristers have to say about the value they’ve gained from singing lessons, vocal coaching and choir with Melissa.

“Melissa was the first singing teacher who was able to gently undo my unhelpful habits developed over many years and help me sing freely and with confidence. She has a gentle but instructive manner and I happily recommend her to anyone wanting to sing at any level. Thanks Melissa”
“Joining ‘Musica’ is probably one of the best things I did in 2015. Never having joined a community choir before, I have found it to be the perfect balance between welcoming and inclusive for all singer levels while still being challenging and pursuing a professional standard. Melissa is able to easily combine her musical expertise with teaching abilities and a sense of fun. I would recommend joining to anyone who loves to sing or who wants to try.”
“Melissa is more than a singing teacher – she’s a soul healer and all round brilliant vocals maker. After studying music and gigging for years, I felt I was stammering in the music industry and didn’t think I could know my voice any better. But Mel helped me to understand my voice in a way that is healthy and brought out my natural best sound which in turn brought out my confidence. I really appreciated her direct approach to cut through the layers and find what it was that was holding me back and get clear. She truly is the teacher’s teacher! Mel is a professional vocalist’s most important weapon – a vocal coach that gets you’re YOU. Thanks Mel! I loved writing this for you – I look forward to many more professional coaching sessions to come!”
“With little notice our son, George was asked to audition for the role of Freddy in Andrew Lloyd-Webbers “School of Rock” musical. George is a 12 year old drummer with no singing experience. Melissa had three weeks to transform George into a singer. Melissa coached George on his technique whilst building his confidence and helping him prepare for the rigour of an audition process.
Melissa was able to give George relatable skills to approach the task of singing in key and at the top of his range and ran a mock audition to help him “stay in his lane” and not get flustered by the process.
The casting director made a point of saying that George’s singing had really improved from the initial audition recording to his live audition. Success!
George is currently performing in the South Korea touring company of “School of Rock” and will continue in the role of Freddy in the Sydney season from October 2019 thanks, in no small part, to Melissa Gill!”
“In 2016, Melissa started working with my son, Liam, who needed to be stretched outside his comfort zone to become the singer he had the potential to be. I was looking for someone in our local area and I was lucky to stumble across Melissa’s details online.  As it turned out, I had seen Melissa in action conducting the choir at the school where I work.  I had spoken to some of her students at school and they could not speak more highly of her.
After only a few lessons, Liam’s school music teacher commented on how much he had improved. Liam received his best school marks ever for his end of year performance in this first year of private lessons.
As a result of Melissa’s work with Liam, his senior year was the best of his schooling, with Liam taking many opportunities to sing and receiving rave reviews from staff and students.
Melissa helped Liam discover the joy of singing and learn that he is only limited by his belief in what he can achieve.  Post high school, Liam continues to embrace singing opportunities and is discovering that his voice is a powerful instrument that can open new worlds to him.
I would highly recommend Melissa, not only as an amazing and knowledgeable singing teacher, but as a human being with much empathy for those she tutors.” 
“I’ve had the pleasure of singing with Melissa Gill in many choirs over the last few years. There is no better teacher, no more consummate professional – but also with the warmest heart.”
“I can best describe Melissa as a “rehabilitation” vocal specialist or an “elite coach” for the voice.  She has helped me strengthen and condition my voice back to where it was some 20+ years ago when I retired from fulltime professional singing due to voice problems and family additions! 
I now have confidence in my ability to entertain for a “marathon” four hour gig – just like the old days.  Thank you Melissa.  I am grateful for your years of specialised education to ensure that new and “old” professional and aspiring performers can not only “find their voice” but keep it!” 
“Melissa is very good at what she does. She is extremely but, more importantly, she conveys her knowledge in a way that is easy to understand. She is friendly, approachable, professional and empathetic. Her passion for singing and teaching really sets her apart as a vocal coach. I have notices a real improvement in my voice in a relatively short period of time.”
“I love being conducted by Melissa because I always know exactly what she’s asking of me. Our rehearsals are fun, informative and insightful. I would thoroughly recommend ‘Musica’ to anyone who enjoys singing.”
“I love singing with ‘Musica’. Melissa makes learning and practise so much fun. She has so much empathy and chooses great Music for the whole choir to enjoy.”
“I’ve had the pleasure of singing with Melissa Gill in many choirs. There is no better teacher, no more consummate professional – but also with the warmest heart. Singing and enjoying friendships with ‘Musica’ is one of life’s pleasures.”
“For me, starting in a new choir felt scary, but this soon abated, as Melissa encourages a healthy place for women to feel supported and connected. Melissa’s creative teaching and humour has allowed me to learn and understand music more easily and I love how Melissa shares her passion for excellence, not perfection.”
“Melissa’s heart and humour were what lead me to join Musica; her knowledge, passion and ability to teach is what has helped me find my voice again.”
“Melissa creates such a personal and safe place to coach vocal technique and sound. For years, the reasons for my challenges with notes have never been clearly articulated by previous music teachers. Melissa is able to provide meaning and really diagnose your personal issues with sound and singing. I would consider Melissa a specialist in this field and highly recommend her to anyone who is serious in understanding and working the mechanics of their voice”